by Dustin Bomboy

Part 1

The Holocaust, the worst part of human history, where human history. In Germany, and all round Europe(That was concord by Germany) Jews were forced in ghetto's, and then were taken to concentration camps, or also more known as THE HOLOCAUST!

Invented and made by Hitler, Millions of Jews were murdered, their body's burned, and no one knew about it.This went on for 5-6 years, and if it were not for Anne Frank, no one would never know what happened, and what horrors were in the hunted land. After the defeat of Germany the allies found little to few survivers, there 700,000 dress but only about 1,500.

Now lets get back to task, from 1939 to 1945 the holocaust happened, and the reaming Jews were set free. But when some tried to return to their home like Poland, They were killed on the spot. So the had a choice, ether die or immigrate to the allied land. Naturally they chose option 2, but Great Britten limited the immigrants, so the Jewish immigrants immigrated world ride, some even went to Australia!

Interesting facts

* The mistreatment of Jews happened before WWII

* The thinker and inventor of the Holocaust was Adolf Hitler

* six million were killed, when there were 9 million to start.
* It is impossible to know how many Jews were killed
* Concentration camps were found all around Europe

* Most of the Survivors were those who believed they had a life to live.

*The Holocaust was unknown for till the end of WWII
* There were 700,000 dress's, but only about a 100 women, and 50,000 men shoes, but about 75 men
* The reaming Jews went all  around the world
* They made a musume based on the Holocaust
* Without Ann Franks dire, we would really never know what happen during the times of depression.

Time line.

Though there were few survives, there are some who are famous today,

Lucille Eichengreen Survivor, She went to Nazi slave camp, and worked till 1945 when she was liberated.

*Max R. Garci Survivor, i think fought in WWI, and now is retired architect in San Fran   Sisco

*William Lowenberg Survivor, He was the only survivor of his family,and was transferred to the Ghettos in 1942, till he was set free in 1945

* Karl Lyon Survivor, He was 11, and was 1 of 3 Jews at his school, From what the paragraph said he was bullied, When the Us came he fought in the war.

*Gloria Hollander Lyon Survivor, She out of so few was a survivor from 1 to 7 camps in her Bio

*Ralph Romberg Survivor, He and a most of his family escaped  Germany, and refuged in Cuba.

You can learn their stories on These people involvement and is also great they survived, so we know more of what happened.

The Hero associated with my topic is Ann Frank, For With out her we would never really know the Treatment of Jews. Thanks to her Diary, we were able to find out what happened, and how they felt.

Why do we need to know?

My reason why we need to know what happened after the Holocaust is because we already know what happened before and during the Holocaust, but we don't know much what happened after. What people should remember after reading this article is that the survivors did not go home, for Hitlers influence was still stuck on them, and that they had to immigrate around the world. Just so they wouldn't be discriminated for their religion, and the way they think.


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