The economic impact

EBOLA : The economic impact

Africa is already known as a poor continent but now the crisis of Ebola is dragging down African economies. As an example, in Nigeria there's already been 20 cases of Ebola this year and because of the fear of the consumers to have Ebola, some malls and shops

have reportedly seen declines in demand of up to 40 percent. The finance ministry of Liberia says that they lost up to 30 millions of their revenue."The economy has been deflated by 30% because of Ebola," Sierra Leone's Agriculture Minister Joseph Sam Sesay told the BBC. The tourism is also affected by this terrible disease, a lot of tourists are scared of having Ebola. All the cacao the produce in Africa could be threatened if the virus continues its spread and extends to these countries.

Ebola already had a handful of problems and didn't need a virus to come disturb the fragile population.

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