Mugno's Makers

If you can imagine it, you can make it!

Use the link above to reach our Google Classroom. We will use Google Classroom to receive and complete assignments, engage in thought-provoking discussions and push each other to our fullest potential.  

This TACKK board will be continually throughout our time together.  I will update it with support for your projects, research tips, .  At the end of our course, we will post any multimedia you have created for your project.  

What is your passion?
How will you make a difference in the world?

What Will Your Project Be?

How will you share it with our class, our school and the world?

Mugno's Makers Contract

  • I am aware that this project is driven by my passions and it will require independent study. I am my own teacher!
  • I am aware that I will need to ask for assistance if I am unsure of what I need to do.
  • I am aware that I will need to work with other collaboratively with others.
  • I am aware that I will need to log my learning experiences.
  • I am aware that I will need to present a final project to my class to show my learning over the course of our class.

Funding for our
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