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Below are some hot topics going on in Ukraine, that we feel should be brought to people's attention.

#1 Public Debt

Video about Public Debt in Ukraine

Word cloud about the public debt in Ukraine.

#2 The Rebels Fighting Back

Right now in Ukraine there are rebels fighting against the government. This has been happening ever since Russia started wanting Crimea. The Russians are supplying the rebels with weapons to take down the government. The fighting is destroying houses, farmland, and people's lives. The fighting mainly happens in the cities of Luthansk, Mariupol, and Donestk.

#3 Child Soliders

This political cartoon is illustrating child soldiers, and how it impacts their lives. I think that the teddy bear represents childhood, and the fact that the child has become a soldier has destroyed their childhood. There is also the fact that the boy's uniform is far too big for him; it is clear that he does not belong on the battlefield. His one shoe is worn, and he looks scared, like I imagine a lot of child soldiers are. Pro-Russians are recruiting soldiers at as young as 15 years old, and there are military training schools in Ukraine for boys younger than 12. It is illegal for 15-year olds to fight, but the rebels are doing all that they can.

#4 Bad Government

Infographic for the government in Ukraine.

The issue that I am bringing to global village is the issue of Ukraine's messed up government. They have a prime minister, a president, and a parliament. This is an infographic that shows that they have a government that does not make much sense, and may not work well together. This shows the prime minister position, and in Ukraine the prime minister is the one who rules the country, even more so than the president. They do have a president, and they do make decisions, but not as many as the prime minister. Lastly, they have a parliament, like in Great Britain, it works the same way.

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