Ulysses S. Grant


Born in 1822, our 18th president was the son of a ohio tanner.He went to school very much against his father's wishes. He graduated early, in the middle of his classes.

At the beginning of the Civl War, he was in Galena, Illinois, working in his father's leather store. As the War needed more solders, Grant enlisted. He soon became a General. He wanted to win control of the Mississippi Valley.He was appointed General-in-chife by Lincoln.

When he was president, he ran Government like he had run the army. He invited many of the men he knew from the Army to the White House.

He used force sometimes, so he had many critics. When he went up for reelection, he argued with some Republicans. He was not able to be President more then one term.

He died on july 23, 1822. his final resting place is Genral Grant Nashional Memorial.

This is a song people thing that he would have liked:

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