Roy Simmons

The first NFL player ever to come out publicly as being HIV positive

Roy Simmons born in 1956 in Georgia, was raised in a tough neighborhood. At the age of 10 years, he has been rape by a neighbor. Nobody help him after this major and tragic event in his life. Everyone agrees that it is from this point that everything started to go wrong for Simmons, even him:

“I think that through the years there was a lot of confusion brought about in my life due to the rape,”.

At 6 feet 3 inches and 264 pounds, he was made to play football and he was pretty good at it. He played football for the university Georgia tech. In 1979, at 22 years old, he is drafted in the NFL, the dreams of so many kids. He is selected by the New York Giants in the 8th round at 201 ranks. He played 3 seasons with the Giants and then he has been released by the team. It was at this time in his life he had the most difficulty accepting who he really was. He was gay and he was scared of it. Also, he had problems with drugs, prostitution and promiscuity. This is why he got released by the Giants, and then the Redskins take a chance with him and sign him. He helped the team reach the Super Bowl. The following season he did not play football. 8 years after his retirement, he announced publicly he was gay. He is the second former NFL player to come out as gay. He did not want to announce it during his career, because he was afraid of the impact it would have on him and his teammates:

"In the NFL, there is nothing worse than being gay. You can beat your wife, but you better not be gay."

Finally, in 1997, he became the first NFL player ever to come out publicly as being HIV positive.

For several years, he fell into drug and has had no news of him.

Then he comeback from nowhere and find a relation with God that really help him.

Roy Simmons die few months ago.

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