Taming Beasts

    Since the beginning of time humans have been fascinated with the oceans. There have been many questions regarding the mysterious "beasts" that inhabit the waters. Still, the oceans are among the least explored spaces on our earth and hold many questions. In order for humans to understand the oceans they have sought to examine and control some of the animals living in the undiscovered waters.

    SeaWorld does a great job at introducing the young, old, and in between members of society to amazing, intelligent, and playful animals. Overall, I think they do a great job at educating society, while keeping them intrigued by the animals. They allow us to interact with the animals and have one on one experiences with them. They have so many interactive options you can choose from such as: petting dolphins, swimming with dolphins and beluga whales, going into shark cages in the encounters, and many other things. SeaWorld, Bush Gardens, and Discovery Cove are all owned and operated by the Annheiser-Busch company.

    SeaWorld has recently gained a bad name from the documentary Blackfish. It is said that they in a way, mistreat their orcas by separating them from their pods, and this separation causes them to lash out. While this is wrong we have to realize that it is a major company. They make bank off of shamus and entertainment, and overall they really do help out a lot with the well being of many animals. SeaWorld is constantly rescuing injured or abandoned sea lions, dolphins, manatees, and many more animals.

     Overall, I think SeaWorld does a fantastic job at educating and sparking an interest in people for marine life. The marine life in turn shows the individuals how incredibly interesting this world can be, and causes people to want to explore the vast unknowns. SeaWorld shows the harmony between the beasts (sealions, orcas, dolphins, walruses, etc.) and the humans (trainers) and even just the parks visitors; for allowing them to come in contact with the animals.

     On the contrary, I believe that the accidents that occur with some trainers; reveal that humans do not hold as much control as they lead on. These are still wild animals that are much larger, and still somewhat unknown to us; and it is disturbing as well as humbling to know we aren't total in control.

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