River in motion

Water sheds are pathways that water goes through and at the end of the pathway there is a large body of water or known as the mouth/delta.If there is no way the river goes to the ocean the water will evaporate and the salt will be left there.

                     Parts of a river

Headwaters~Extreme upper reaches of a steam                                                                Down river~between headwaters and floodplain                                                                  Tributary~a stream or river which flows into a main stream                                                  Divide~separating the larger rivers                                                                                    Mouth/Delta~an area formed by sediments at the mouth of a river                                        watershed~a pathway were water goes through and goes into the mouth or the delta of the watershed                                                                                                                        source~water adding water to a river                                                                                Great Basin~water that does not flow into the ocean

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