Lord Byron (George Gordon)

Kylee Sprouse & Briana English

Lord Byron was born on January 22, 1788, in London, United Kingdom. George was abandoned by his father at a young age, his mother was schizophrenic, and his nurse abused him. When George was 10 years old he inherited the title of his great-uncle William Byron, and he became Lord Byron. Lord Byron attended Harrow School in London in the year 1800. From 1805 to 1808 Byron attended Trinity College and fell deep into debt.  

Lord Byron wrote Romanticism Poetry. Some of Lord Byron's most famous poems are "She Walks in Beauty", "Don Juan", and "Child Harold's Pilgrimage". His last poem is written in Sapphics, which is one of the most difficult forms of all. That his body of work should be so little read, when every year sees the publication of ever more prurient version of his life, is absurd and disgraceful. Wherever he went and whatever Byron did he was reading or writing poetry.

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