Henry Doorly Zoo.


What is the Henry Doorly Zoo?

The Henry Doorly zoo is no other than the best zoo in the world! It is located in Omaha Nebraska. Every year thousands of people come from all over the world to see it.

It was all built in 1894 by the city of Omaha. It was first called river view park but Margret Doorly (Henry Doorly's wife) payed 750,000$ to have the zoo named after her husband (the chairman of the world publishing co.)

The lion cubs are one of the newest additions to the zoo. Sadly they will move away soon. Luckily the lioness will have more next year. (They have to give the lion cubs away when they get to old.)

The Henry Doorly Zoo has meany exhibits like the cat complex and cheetah valley. also the desert-dome, and don't forget the aquarium. Last but not least the jungle dome. As you know now you can see meany different animals in their own habitats.

The Henry Doorly Zoo encourages learning about animals, and why they are so important. It also has special programs for children. So as you can see the zoo you have been going to is not only a zoo it is a school to.

The Henry Doorly Zoo also has extra attractions like the Omaha Zoo Railroad and the loser IMAX theatre don't forget the the ski-fary all so a big black globe that you can spin. You can see the zoo in meany different ways.

So as you can see the Henry Doorly Zoo is an awesome zoo. I hope you plan you're trip!