Lebron James

Eli P. and Tyler F.

My name is lebron james

What is a hero, a hero is usually a man who has courage and good qualities. Lebron James overcame a hard transfer from the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Miami Heat. After he was transfered Lebron fans of Ohio were disgraced and Lebron was without fans in Ohio but still had a chance to gain some in Miami. While in Miami Lebron James broke records and won a championship with the Heat. Still Lebron didn't get lost in the fame and did his first charity work for Akron kids. He couldn't forget about his fans in Ohio and started a reading foundation. After he helped the kids in Ohio the old fans began to gain respect for him again. A news reporter interviewed one of Lebron's old fans who Lebron had helped. The man said " that Lebron is a noble, and willing man to help."  That inspired Lebron James that he should do more charity work.

Charities Lebron supports

  • After School All Stars
  • Boys and Girls of America Clubs
  • Children Defense Fund
  • Athletes Making The World A Better Place

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