How to protect yourself from HIV/AIDS

Volume 1, Issue 2


  Protecting yourself and avoiding HIV/AIDS, or any other STD is not hard when it really comes down to it. A Lot of diseases are contracted because the carriers don’t think about it or just think they will never get it. But here are some steps on how to avoid contracting HIV/AIDS:

Step 1:

Avoid stereotypes. Anyone can be infected with HIV/AIDS, from the out-and-proud guy across the street to the girl next door.

Step 2:

Just simply get tested. It is important to know your own HIV status.

Step 3:

Talk to new sexual partners honestly about your risk factors and request the same frank disclosure from them. Risk factors include sharing needles during drug use, having unprotected sex with a partner whose HIV status was unknown or unclear and having another sexually transmitted disease.

Step 4:

Remember that many people who are infected don’t realize they are infected because the disease they have is asymptotic. They may not even realize they are at risk. When you come into contact with another person’s blood, urine, feces or semen, assume they are infectious unless proven otherwise.

Step 5:

Practice safe sex. This means using a condom with spermicide for anal, vaginal or oral penetration. Or just don’t have sex at all

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