Zoinks! by Dale Culp

A WebFiction Published Thrice Weekly

Character Bios

Lucy Ferr - Our Hero
Lucy is a transgender girl in her mid-20s. Most of her money goes towards therapy and repairing the damage done by testosterone poisoning. She's a hard worker, but she's a bit down on her luck. She lives alone, except for her dog, Nero.

Boss Ross - The Boss
Some are born into great names; other have great names thrust upon them.
Boss Ross fits into neither category, but he IS the boss.

Valeria Maleria - The Vixen
Fashionista, cam-girl, woman-at-arms. If it bleeds, she can kill it. That sounds great, until you recall that ghosts don't bleed. They're also already dead...
Lastly, just remember: "air" and "turn." NOT the same!

Howard Jean Bumpus - The Spaz
One half of the Bumpus Bros.

Philip Shepherd Bumpus - The Ghost Buster
The other, smarter, more technically inclined half of the Bumpus Bros.
Great at busting ghosts; not so great at personal hygiene. Terrible social skills.

Harlan Blake - The Noted Historian (and Author)
Knows a couple two tree tings about the haunted history of NEPA. In fact, no one knows more about the Wyoming Valley than Harlan -- if only the couple two tree tings he knew were factually correct, heyna?
Wrote the book, "Who's Afraid of NEPA?" which includes an entire chapter on scrapple!