Survive the Zombies of Germany

They are coming. They will come for you and they will eat you alive.

This is how I survived

This is my list of things I Have

For Food I will have a 4 cans of food 2 cans of chili and 2 cans of corn from the hotel cafeteria

For Water I will have a 8 pack of bottled water from the hotel cafeteria

For Clothing and Bedding I will have a light blanket

For Sanitation and Hygiene I will have a toothbrush and toothpaste from the hotel

For Medical Supplies I will have the medical supply kit from behind the counter of the hotel

For Tools & Supplies I will have a pocket knife from the dead desk clerk and a map from the desk

For Communication/Technology I will have a compass from the front desk of the hotel

For a Book* I will have (Extra Credit) My book is skeleton creek by patrick carman

I will be in Berlin, Germany

This will be the bike I ride to get from Berlin, Germany to Arnis, Germany

This will be my path it will take me 5 days to get to Arnis, Germany on my bike.

This is Arnis, Germany.

This is where Arnis, Germany is on the map.

This is what "Kleinste Stadt Deutschlands." Means.

I will be in the hotel California in Berlin Germany.

This will be my bike.

then in Arnis I will find a house to stay in for 5 months

I will live at this address Friedenshoeher Street 21, 24376 this will be my base for 5 months.

I will get food and other survival supplies from local stores and buildings I will make a supply run every week.

I will watch out for places and areas with lots of zombies.

I will stay as far away from zombies as possible my 1 main goal don't go near any zombies and do not be seen

Then I will leave 1 month early to get to frankfort I will need to get there with at least a week to spare Then I will stay at the frankfort airport for a week until my plane gets there and takes me home.

My plan

Week 1: I am in arnis and have a camp set up by end of the week use half the week to get there half to get set up there

Month 1: I have 5 months worth of food from nearby places and be set for the next 5 months with food clothes and a good place to sleep

Month 6: I Have found a way to get back home and on month 5 leave for flight make it there with 5 days to spare at least maybe longer

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