My Fabulous Vacation



This last vacation I went to Russia with all my family. This includes my mom, sister, cousins, grandma, grandpa, and aunt. My father was working here at Santa Cruz, but when we went to Europe he was there!


This is the Novotel Hotel. This hotel is located in Moscow, Russia. I went to this hotel with all the family members I've named you before. I remember we were in the 17th floor room 42 my sister and my mom.


The Russian weather is normally cold but when it is summer it really is hot. This shown on the top is located in the Central Plaza of Russia. It is just a wonderful place that if you go there you won't leave! You should wear some jeans and  a sweater because it really is cold!

Second Hotel

The Marriott hotel in Moscow, is very expensive because it has a very strange story. This hotel was built in an old palace. The owners of the Marriott hotel lost lots of money buying the property but in a few years gained it all back again. It is a very nice hotel and is just marvelous! I heard that it has a good service and nice rooms.

The Third Hotel

The Radisson hotel is very fancy and nice. I didn't see this hotel in Russia but I heard it is very good. The food is a also good. It is  5 star hotel with a good service. They have a very good people who attend there.


This is the Moscow official plaza. People go there because it has a museum and the towers have lots of history.


This tower is part of the Kremlin located in Moscow. It is very cool and people like going there because it is very big. There is lots of history in this tower that it would take 500 hours to tell it. If I were you i would go there.


This my friends is the attraction number 1. it is the palace that everyone wants to see. outside it is an monument of the prince fighting for freedom.


This is a Russian newspaper. It says all the Russian news. It's website is


Russian borsch with beef and sour cream. This plate is just sooo delicious. You should try it too! The sour cream is just so amazing. Try it when you go to Russia.


This is the Puskin Cafe. My grandfather had always wanted to go there. Now his dreams came true. There are lots of good foods inside this restaurant .


This is a private dining in Russia. There are lots of them all around in Russia. It is very normal around Russia and Europe. Having this private dinners are more expensive than the normal.


My-My ( pronounced moo moo) has typical food and modern food. They give free desserts and have good manners.


The news paper tells everything in Moscow. Sometime it seems that people don't like them because they are thrown in the streets.

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