How To Play Football

By Davis R.

Have you ever wonder how to play football! First I am going to tell you how to play. You have to snap the ball for the play to start. You can’t go on the other side before they snap it or else it is a penalty. There can only be 11 people on offense or defense.

Best Players

Some of the best players are to me are Joe manta he is one of the best QB to play he is in the Hall Of Fame. Also Bo Jackson is because he was a two sport player he played football for the Raiders and baseball for the Royals. He played running back. My favorite is Calvin Johnson Jr. because he can catch the ball with 3 people on him and with one hand. On October 27, he got 382 receiving yards was 8yeards away from a record.

The Best Teams

Some of the best teams are the chiefs they are 9-0 right know. The 49ers got 2nd place last year. The Cowboys are because they have been around for a long time.

How to score

How to score it you are on defense you can get an interception that is when the QB throws it to the defense and they catches it. There is also a fumble that is when a player has it then drops it. On offense you can pass or run. So that is how you play football!!

Snap: Is when you throw it back to the QB.

Penalty: A foul and the other team gets more yards.