Ice Skating
By Dyllan Stanley

Business Description

I have started a business on Neptune. My business is ice skating you can come and ice skate. I built it because there is ice on the rings. Come down to ice skate and have some fun because you can skate and skate how long  you won't and you can get free ice cones. I chose it because it is a ice planet.


Pricing Page


            snow cones       $1

             ice cones         $11

              ice burger    $20


               Ice Pepper   $1

                ice pibb       $10

               ice kool-aid    $20

  Persuasive letter

Dear customer

Come down to my place because you can ice skate. You don't have to pay. You can get ice cones. You don't need to ask me. You can get a ice plant all you need is $20.00. Have you ever been to my business? Finally you can come to Neptune hurry before I close!