Force and Motion

Rebecca Garza #MISDTLAP

Hook 1 - The Teaser Hook

* I will promote this topic by bringing it up the Friday before the new lesson will begin.  This will help spark their expectancy about the coming week.

* I can also give them a preview of what we will be discussing by providing a short video of all types of examples of force and motion.

Hook 2 - The Mystery Bag Hook

* Each group will have a mystery bag with different objects that will be used to create a contraption to create examples of force and motion.

* Students will not be able to see what is inside the bag and will only be allowed to grab one item to work with at a time in their group,

Hook 3 - The Props Hook

* I will bring in materials to build a ramp for students to use to race vehicles that they will create to see which one has the most force.  I will have materials for the students to build their race vehicles.

* I will also bring in other materials for students to create a catapult.

Hook 4 - The Involved Audience Hook

* The students who are watching the demonstrations will each have a certain job they will be responsible for. ex.(timer, score keeper, time master)

* I will have the students write on a spread sheet that data that is collected from our experiments.

Hook 5 - The Backwards Hook

* I will try this hook to help engage my students to begin using their creativity to build a contraption or come up with something to get the end result.  They will be interested in learning all the mathematical steps they need to learn to end up with their final product.

Hook 6 - The Reality TV Hook

* I believe this hook will be one of the best ways I can have my students use their mathematical and scientific skills to create a real life challenge using force and motion.  We will come up with a theme and the students will be allowed to configure or create a challenge that everyone will have a chance to try out.

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