Francisco Vasquez de Coronado

By:America Martinez class : 4-402

Who is Francisco Vasquez ?

Francisco Vasquez  was born in Spain Salamanca around 1510 .At age 25 he became assistant New Spain new viceroy .He sailed to Mexico ,where he got married with the daughter of colonial treasurer . He  became the governor of New Galicia .He died in 1554.

Exploring !Francisco  explored southwestern North America because he wanted to find golden of  Cibola ,but he didn't found. So he head to Quivira ( in Kansas )but he didn't found anything .He traveled north 4 more years to find gold.

What Did He Found ?

  • Pueblos           
  • Zuni Village
  • Grand Canyon

Attack !

Francisco sented mens to search for gold , but they didn't found anything. Francisco land on Zuni village and he wanted to make the Zuni slaves. Zuni people attack him . He took 1,600 mens to his journey .

"Oh No "

Francisco  Vasquez was so disappointed because he didn't found any gold ,so he remove from his governorship. He went to Mexico City in 1544 ,so he can work at the modest position in the municipal government.


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