Catholic Social Teaching

All men and children of god possess a unique dignity.

Common Good

Respect for other people and healthy interactions with them. Also peace with security.

                                  Example: Respecting peoples opinion when working on a report.

Person Hood

We are all created by god and with a unique human dignity.

   Example: Respecting the person for who they are.


Friendship/social charity belonging to one another.

                                  Example: Helping  others when they are sick or hurt.


People should be able to make decision if the decision affects them

                                   Example: If someone needs medical treatment.

St. John of god

St. John of God was very ill. He heard that a flood was coming and in the flood was a lot of drift wood that would destroy his town. He jumped out of bed and ran to the river that might flood. He and his companions fished out most of the drift wood. One of his companions fell from the bank into the river. Even though St. John of God was very ill he jumped into the river to try and save his companion. He was unsuccessful and  drowned along with his companion.

What could I do to support social justice

I could go to Second Harvest community Food Bank in St. Joe and donate my time there.

I could also volunteer at the Autism Awareness Egg Hunt in Kansas City.

I could even volenteer at the ro

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