African Empires

by Ali Shah and Nathan Stein

EQ- How does the geography affect the African Empires?

African empires

Ghana Empire

  • Part of the West-African imperial system
  • The country was very wealthy in the 9th through 11th century
  • They were so rich that their pets had golden colliers
  • This was the first real empire of Africa
  • Mansa Musa was the leader of Ghana
  • The rivers had so much gold that made Mansa Mu the richest man ever.

Mansa Musa

  • May have been the richest man in history
  • He was a very religious Muslim king
  • When he traveled for hajj, he donated so much gold, it affected Ghana's economy
  • The travel to Mecca is what popularized him around the world
  • He caused many Arab merchants to go to Africa believing it was a "city of gold"    

Trade In Africa

  • Mansa Musa with his wealth caused many to believe Africa was "made of gold"
  • Many Arab traders came to Africa hoping to get allot of gold
  • Africans traded gold for salt. It might not sound good, but salt was a necessity and gold was a luxury.
  • Africans also exported slaves, warriors, and animals
  • Africans imported salt and raw animal materials (Ivory, animals skin, and animals bones)    

Islam In Africa

  • Islam was the main religion for most African countries
  • Mansa Musa was the most well known Muslim in Africa
  • The Arab merchants helped the spread of Islam when trading with the Africans  countries
  • Their culture was a mix of traditional tribal lifestyle mixed in with Arab culture, for example women had allot more rights then in most Arab countries.
  •  The islamics entered Africa in the early 7th century when a group of Mohammad's followers escaped persecution from the other cultures in Mecca.
  • Over one third of all Muslims live in Africa. Most of them are Sunnis.
  • The Muslims left Mecca and traveled into Abyssinia which was ruled by king Al-Najashi

Fun Facts

  • Mansa Musa is thought to be the richest man ever
  • Mansa Musa traveled almost all of the known world and was treated like a king everywhere he went
  • Ghana explorers traveled along the Atlantic ocean and some believed they were the ones who actually first found America, but theirs no written history about it.

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