the city of Aztec

The of Aztec was mostly built on a lake. Lake Texcoco, in Mexico. By living on a lake they had built many routes to supply the many people who lived around and near them, who had trouble crossing the lake or getting supplies across the lake.

Aztec dressed depending on class. Upper class wore cotton, feather headdresses. Man wore loin clothes, woman wore wrap around skirts. If a non-upper class wore cotton or feather, they would be put to death.

Aztec woman would plant and grow most foods. they made a type of pancake called tortilla, they ate "envelopes" of steamed maize called temales stuffed with vegetables, meat or egg. They some things we do like tomatoes, avocado, beans and pepper. They even ate rabbit, turkey, and armadillo. Although one of their main foods are meat they  didn't eat meat very often.

Their clothes were mostly lose fitting and didn't cover the whole body. People were always very supprised to see them in full armor with only their face exposed. Even their armor or most of it was made of cotton.

The Aztecs worshiped many gods. When they took over a new tribe or culture they often adopted the new tribe's gods into the Aztec religion.  One of the most important aspects of Aztec religion was the sun. The Aztecs called themselves the "People of the Sun". They felt that in order for the sun to rise each day the Aztecs needed to perform rituals and sacrifices to give the sun power to rise.

Through the period of Roman dominance and the crusades, these people shared a commonality in religion, myth, and in the calendar they developed from a study of celestial movements and their supposed effects on life on Earth.

life in an Aztec society family was permeated by religious beliefs, right from the start. The life of a new family began at marriage, typically in the early 20s for a man and mid-teens for the woman. Marriages were arranged by the relatives (though the children may have had input). The parents would have to talk to the religious leaders, and discuss the signs under which both of the children had been born. The wedding day, of course, was chosen for similar religious reasons.

Aztec government was unlike any other at this time. It was more of a system of tribute in which conquered cities paid respect to the Aztec empire. In return, these conquered cities tended to show an increase in their own economic welfare.

Often a whole area of a city would be dedicated to religious activities. Some monuments would be made to specific gods. Some were built for specific celebrations. They were made as large, monumental structures.

I think the Aztecs are pretty cool. They eat a lot of the same things that we do today. Also we wear cotton a lot, most of our clothes have 100% cotton on the tag and it can be kind of expensive. A lot of their symbols are really cool and I'd like to learn what they mean.

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