11/13/14 #SJSreports
The Philae has Landed!

By: Zach

The Philae has landed! Yesterday a probe called Philae ended its ten year journey through space, landing on a comet. This comet is rubber duck shaped and has been in existence as long as Earth. The comet has been frozen since, and is likely to be the same as it was millions of years ago. The probe did not land once, but twice. After landing on the planet the first time, some mechanical malfunctions occurred, not securing the comet in place. Philae then fell off the comet briefly, and landed again. Now scientists from the European Space Agency, who are in charge of this project, are not sure if Philae will be able the stay securely on the comet. They are trying to see if they can secure it tighter to the comet. The reason that Philae is on the comet is that scientists want to know more about how life and water came to Earth. Philae will be able to analyze the comet to learn more about what makes up the comet, and if comets like it made the Earth the way it is today. Based on the evidence that Philae can analyze the comet, it is likely that scientists will find evidence on the comet that suggests that life or water was brought on comets or evidence that life or water was not brought by comets. Whatever evidence scientists find, it will be a step forward in learning about the origins of out planet, and the landing of Philae on a comet is a big milestone for science.

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This is a map of Paris. The European Space Agency is located here, and has a couple of different locations throughout the city.

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