Fight The Viruses

by Avary Pope

#1 Do not open e-mails you do not know

#2 Don't open pages that is saying you won prizes for example

#3Beware of misleading popups. Some of the most nefarious popups on the internet are designed to mimic the look of legitimate anti-virus software. These popups attempt to trick the user into thinking their antivirus software has found an infection. When you click the popup, however, the adware is actually installed.
Instead of clicking the warning, close the popup window and open the antivirus program on your computer. You most likely will not see any warnings. If you are still worried, run a scan using your installed software.
Don't try clicking the "X" to close the popup window, as this will usually lead to more popups. Instead, use the Task Manager to get rid of it.[1]
Other popups may warn of an infection that only their software can fix. No legitimate antivirus company will advertise their product this way, so avoid clicking on any of these popups.
Check to ensure that your browser is configured to block popups.

#4Clear your cache. Popups can store information in your browser's cache, leading to them reappearing constantly. To help prevent this, clear your browser’s cache regularly.

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