Coastal Plain

Get away from your normal household duties, and take a break and relax on our gorgeous beaches!


One of the main attractions are the beaches, which are great for fishing and boating. Another reason we see so many tourists is because of the sand dunes, which are home to many types of turtles. If you visit the Coastal Plains, you will see many different species of animals you can't find in your own backyard! Most of these animals are here from the Okefenokee Swamp, which is home to over 1,000 different species of plants and animals.


One of our main economic successes is coming from businesses located in our region. This is a great place to start a seafood restaurant or a boat rental company. Savannah is home to many seafood restaurants, such as, Barracuda Bob's, The Shell House Restaurant, and Red Lobster.

How's the weather?

The climate in the Coastal Plains is a very mild, temperate region. Because of the mild temperature, agriculture is great and the crops grow very quickly. The climate is unpredictable, and occasionally there are hurricanes. Our physical feature, called the Barrier Islands, protect us from those hurricanes that can flood the Coastal Plain Region.


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