Black Elk
By Gavin


His life was encompassed in the Indian Wars ,and they were slowly losing their land.They were also being forced to live in reservations.

early life

Nicholas Black Elk was born on December1,1863,in Little Powder River, Wyoming. He lived in a nomadic tribe called the Lakota Sioux. He liked to go fishing, ride ponies, and watch buffalo hunts. Once he fell off his pony and landed on a cactus bush. He was not allowed to participate in the Indian Wars until he was 13.

adult life

He lived on a reservation at pine ridge. Then he left the reservation in 1886 and returned in 1889. After he returned, he became part of the ghost dance. Then, he battled at Wounded knee creek. A lot of Native American children, adults, and elders were killed by the U.S. government. Then he met a writer named John Neihardt.