Cameron Boyer

My name is Cameron. I like to go outside and hangout with my friends. I like to listen to music and just have fun.

3 "interesting" things

.Beaches are main.

I love spending my time at the beach, Its so relaxing!

My Drinkkk<3

Monster is amazing, especially the blue one!

//Summer time//

Summer is so much fun. I was doing something like everyday...

My Goals...

My Goals and why..

- I wanna actually try in school this year so I don't have to do summer school.

- I wanna make money so I can buy my own stuff.

- I'm going to try not to get in trouble this year because i'm trying to be a good kid.

The place I wanna visit...

New York City

I wanna go to New York City because of all the lights and big buildings. Also for the stores! (;

                                            **Map showing New York City**

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