Producing opportunity to connect StepLinkIndia to jobs

While StepLInk's most important purpose may be professional recruiting, helping everyone make more connections with job seeker and company so they can succeed at their current jobs and establish a solid presence for their careers, recruiters and employers love StepLInkIndia.

The StepLinkIndia/Resume relation:

5 main Benefits to Job Seekers

One of the interesting things I've discovered in my discussions with job seekers and employers is that employers often evaluate the job seeker's resume and cover letter with the job seeker's StepLInkIndia Profile.

Discrepancies between the resume and the Profile show up quickly, but so do accomplishments and other positive things.

StepLInkIndia has become the Online collection of millions of professionals, and it offers five very important benefits to job seekers when employers make the StepLInkIndia-resume comparison.

1. confirmation of resume information

The assumption is that people are less likely to exaggerate in public, in front of their friends and StepLInk "connections" than they are in private on a resume sent to an individual or posted privately in response to a job Ad.

2. Demonstration of knowledge and expertise

It's easy for some people to announce that they are "experts" or "gurus" in a given field on their resumes, but harder to prove (or to verify).

3. Corroboration of Accomplishments

StepLink Recommendations offer employers a form of "proof" that a skill or accomplishment proclaimed on the resume has been visible to someone willing to publish a recommendation for the world to see on StepLink. And the Recommendations are connected to specific jobs listed in the Profile, confirming the validity of that claim on the resume.

4. Confirmation of Dates and Time Frames

The dates on the resume can be compared with the dates on the StepLink riches to demonstrate agreement on timing or not. Did the job seeker work at company XYZ for three years or five years? And, was that five years ago or 10 years ago?

5. Affirmation of "With-It-Ness"

Having a complete and active StepLink action affirms that the job seeker understands how to operate in today's largest online business network.

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