Sentry: Now see king I'm not going to say I'm out of breath from like running away from you for like 20 minutes but it seems like everytime I stop and think about what I have to tell you. I figure you're finna cut me into little pieces like Dexter and throw me in the ocean I have like an angel and a demon on my shoulder. One saying I shouldn't tell you and the other one saying saying its going to get me killed if I don't if you don't understand when you kill him I'm hoping you believe this story which makes no sense at all because I don't want you to-

Creon: Spit it out!  

Sentry: Uh well um, the guy who died, um, polyneices, someone uh buried him and um ran off.  

Creon: Who did this?!  

Sentry: I don't know! You gotta believe me! A grave wasn't dug or anything. There wasn't a trace of anything. All of us guards knew one another did not do it but it had to be reported. So we did rock, paper, scissors to decide wgo would do it. As you can see I lost and that is why I am here.  

Choragos: King, is it possible that the gods did this?  

Creon: Everyone shut up! How could you think the gods did this! Unbelievable! Why would the gods do this for that man? You're crazy if youthink that the gods did it! It had to have been those against me who did it. They planned it and bribed my guatds to do it! Money is the root of corruption. People will do anything for it. Whoever did this will regret it. Bring him here or I will hang you up and make sure you know who you work for. Understood?  

Sentry: King, can I say something?  

Creon: Your ver voice irritates me  

Sentry: Are you sure that what you are saying is true and not clouded thoughts? Creon: Oh now you want to question your king?                                       

Sentry: I have not done anything. You see me as a scapegoat for your rage  

Creon: You talk to much

Sentry: I might, but I still haven't done anything.   

Creon: You betrayed me for money is what you did.  

Sentry: How could the wise king be so clouded?  

Creon: You may think this is funny, but if you don't bring me the one responsible, you will be the next soldier without a burial.  

Sentry: I want to bring him to you but even if I don't, I am still innocent!

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Well done, guys! Solid content and strong writing.