Parts of a River                                       

by:Cristian Gonzalez

This is a beautiful river with parts that we will go over.


    A watershed is basically a system that gets water and then water comes down into a bigger body of water as you see in this diagram.


      A source is a place where water comes from and as you see in the picture the source is that hole where water is coming from.


  The mouth/delta is the bottom of the watershed that forms from the deposition sediments.

Great Basin

   A great basin is a watershed where the water doesn't flow into a ocean. For example the great salt lake is a great basin.


 A divide is a mountain or valley range that separates watersheds. As you see in the picture the mountains are representing the divide.

Head Waters

   In this video there is a heads water flowing. A heads water is a stream with not lots of sunlight or plant life.

Flood Plain

   A flood plain is the reality flat land to a river channel that is underwater when the river floods.


                   A downriver is a area that is between head water and floodplain.


                                        Small stream that leads into a main stream.

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