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9th Grade English
Kelvin Cohen

Expository Essay

Pearl Harbor is a day that will never be forgotten. Pearl harbor is the reason why America declared war on Japan. It is the day that Japan led a secret attack against the U.S. Naval base in Hawaii.

The beginning of the attack began with a bombing. It was early morning when the Japanese committed to the attack. They base was first attacked at around 7:55 am. Many of the U.S. soldiers were either just getting up or just finishing breakfast. They were unknowingly having over 400 Japanese planes barrel down upon them. The attack lasted until 9:45 am.

It was 110 minutes of pure chaos for the men and women of Pearl Harbor. The Japanese led around 414 air planes against them. If the American soldiers knew of the attack they could have possibly fought of the attack and with minimal casualties. But,unknowingly the had no chance. Over 2,300 American lives were lost in the perilous process, only 65 Japanese were killed. It is over a 2,00 difference in lives.

The after math of the attack was terrible. Dead bodies littered the ground, ships slowly sinking down to the abyss and the silent whir of theJapanese planes as they fly away. When word of the attacked reaches U.S. mainland, the whole nation stands in awe that the Japanese made such transgression. Soon president Roosevelt asked Congress for permission to declare war on Japan. Congress quickly agreed to his question. Then a few years later America won the war by dropping nukes on Hiroshima.

Pearl Harbor is a day that will not be forgotten , especially for those who were there. The beginning bombing stripped them of their defenses. They viciously took over 2,300 American lives. They left burning/sinking ships and dead bodies everywhere. Because of the actions attacking unaware us soldiers. The United State led war against the Japanese. Even though the war was won the lives lost at Pearl Harbor can not be forgotten.

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