The bold outline of the documentary that it has portrayed is that America has a growing problem after smoking which is obesity and it is an ongoing problem that the American society is encountering and with this problem increasing, vast majority of the American society will crumble down and not function well as it is meant to be. With this experiment that the man has gone through, he has given us a broad picture image of how the life of an obese person is set out and the consequences that come along with being an addict to fast food. The food that McDonalds gives out is artificial and not nutritious and that the food is dominated by chemicals rather than natural substances that your body is meant to process to keep a healthy life style, but with these chemicals in the food make you have a sudden urge to keep eating the food but the food does not make you satisfied so you keep wanting more and more, so this leads to an addiction to the product that McDonalds has given to you. and the other reason why the fast food industry is more popular than making food at home is that it take less effort to prepare the food and that you get it instantly at the same time that you are craving the food that you are wanting.

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