Non-Traditional Careers

Non-Traditional careers are when you do something different then everybody in your past did.So for example some woman are interested in  Aerospace Engineers but most woman would not do it because men are spouse to do them jobs that is non-traditional careers.

But most people stay with traditional jobs;but some people don't always stay with traditional jobs.Men and Woman do opposite jobs then thought of. So when you grow up you don't have to do a traditional job you should be unique and do what you really want  to do in your life.

Here is some more example's of non-traditional careers for women are Aerospace Engineering Technicians,Aircraft Mechanics and Service Technicians,Quarry Rock Splitters,Pesticide Handlers, Sprayers, and Applicators,Pest Control Workers,Garbage and Recyclable Material Collectors,Mine Cutting Machine Operators.

This is a womens non-traditional job Aerospace Engineering Technicians
See men can do girl jobs