Day 1 Objective

Our objective for today is to use the Engineering Design Process to engineer green technologies, reducing storm runoff in a model city.

City Pollution- Day 1

What we have done so far is made a chart listing the different types of pollution in cites, and made a model city and polluted it.

Our Green Roof- Day 1

What Happened With the Green Roof?- Day 1

Sadly,the water leaked through our green roof, and into the tray. This is because our building had no base, therefore, the water leaked through. Although we failed with the water leakage, we still had good stability, and a great absorbent!

Our Pavement-Day 1

What Happened With the Pavement?-Day 1

Almost all of the water on our pavement soaked though because we put slits in both sides of our foam and we also poked holes on the edges. By doing this, we achieved the main goal, which was to let the water soak through, and onto the bottom layer. However, the wind-up toy could not walk in a straight line, because of the indentions in the side where the slits were.

Our City Model After Pollution-Day 1

All of the pollution in our city stayed, except the car exhaust which floated into the river because the front section of our wall was not touching the ground, allowing it to escape through!

Bigshot Camera

First we made a presentation about one part of the Bigshot camera, such as the imaging lens, or electronics. We then learned a little more about photography by listening to others presentations. One thing I learned is that light is bent in order to create an image on a camera. After that, we went outside, & took some photographs of nature! We then came inside, and edited them using PicMonkey. Sadly, after that we had to disassemble the fun creation.

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