Prepare your iPad for the
Math 8 STAAR Exam

For the first time, TEA is allowing a graphing calculator to be used on the Math 8 STAAR exam.  Additionally TEA has granted a few school districts pilot status in using the iPad as a graphing calculator. Eanes ISD is one of those pilot schools.  Our students are allowed both the iPad as well as a standard graphing calculator.

Please complete the following steps to ensure that your iPad is ready for April 20th!

While we have reviewed this with students, please help them prepare their iPad Sunday night.
Please come to school April 20th with the following steps/settings changes complete and maintained.

1) Update to the newest iOS
version 8.3

2) Fully Charge the iPad

3) Ensure that WiFi is on and
connects to the Eanes-ISD network

4) Turn Off the Passcode

5) Set Date/Time to Automatic

6) Reduce the brightness to 50%

7) Download the
Desmos Test Mode app

8) Close all open apps