Travel To Ireland

Ireland is a fairly large country located in Western Europe and has a population of 4,125,000 their flag was adopted December 29,1937 it has 3 colored stripes each one stands for something different. Green stands for the Roman Catholics in Ireland, Orange stands for the northern irish protestants, and white stands for the hope and peace between them.  The first settlement was discovered around 6,000 BC by hunters and gatherers along the island's eastern shore. "A Brief History of Ireland." A Brief History of Ireland. Gerneral.Logo, 01 Jan. 2015. Web. 01 Apr. 2015

Ireland has one of the smallest divorce rates in the entire world. Until 1997 divorce was not even an option but now a person has to be married for four years then receive a permit to divorce their partner. Abortion wasn't even allowed until 1997 either but now the only way you can is if there is if there is no heartbeat or in order to save the mother’s life which includes suicide it is 4.6 out of 1000 women. Ireland also has one of the lowest abortion rates. © 1996-2015 National Geographic Society. All rights reserved

St Patricks day as we all know it is on March 17 and it is a Irish holiday but did you know the actual st patrick was not really irish? His  name was actually Maewyn he was born in Roman Britain and was kidnapped in to slavery and brought to ireland. Maewyn converted to Christianity and came back to ireland to become a bishop. After his death was named Irelands patron saint. The shamrock according to legend ST patrick used the three leaf clover to explain the trinity.N.p., n.d. Web.

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