C Luo And Di Maria Played For Manchester United

Real Madrid star C Luo said in an fut 15 coins that “record”, United signed Falco is a fantastic deal, the Red Devils do very well. At the same time, Manchester United’s new signing Di Maria revealed in an interview with “Aspen”, on him the season at Real Madrid because C Luo. And also then a our website is the best site ever before known to purchase the cheap fifa coins pc to enjoy the football game for the most part and make sure you have the most amazing time !Manchester United at the buzzer to sign Falco, which shocked the whole world. But many people on this deal holders do not support attitude, “Daily Mail” and evaluation, Manchester United to sign Falco, there is no plan targets.

The Reds have Rooney, Van Persie, not necessary to sign a world class striker. “Telegraph” said Manchester United to sign Falco, spent $24million (on loan and annual salary), this price is too high.C Luo behind Manchester United to sign Falcao: Di Maria wore the number 7 is a dream: no pressure.Manchester United spent 59700000 pounds, will Di Maria from Real Madrid to buy, this is the most expensive to buy people move to Fei Jilu.Di Maria said this: “you don’t need to think about these things, you just need to work hard, and do the best you can.

Di Maria then spoke about Manchester United, he said: “I’m very happy, can come to such a great club. I must quickly adapt to the new environment, so as to help the team. The number 7 shirt is a great thing, this number has a great history in the united. Many great players through it, but it will not be my pressure.” Di Maria has been wearing the number 7 Jersey, last week Manchester United against Burnley, on the match the Reds debut. United’s number 7, Di Maria will be inherited.

United can spend so dearly, will introduce me from Real Madrid, which made me really happy. I also dream to join Manchester United, Manchester United tried to open the door to Real Madrid, I will introduce, this means a lot to me. I will be as Manchester United with all my ability.” Obviously, the angels saw Manchester United to buy his sincerity, so he will also own the ability to return the dream.

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