Gender and Racial Stereotypes in Reality Television

Gender stereotypes are prejudice or discrimination based on a person sex. It may include a stereotype of a gender role such as women being the ones to cook and stay home to take care of the house and the children while the men work and make the money for the family and do some outside work.

Racial stereotypes are a simplified and often misleading representation of an ethnic group. It may include what are thought as typical characteristics of a member of that ethnic group such as Catholics being bible thumpers, African Americans being in love with chicken and grape soda, White people being superior, Hispanics being poorer than others.

Four popular television shows that twelve to seventeen year old's watched in 2011 were 16 and Pregnant, Jersey Shore, and Teen Mom 2, and Teen Mom 2. They portray women very poorly, according to a newly released study from the Parent Television Council (PTC).

In the shows, 24 percent of what the females say about themselves was positive. The females would not say many positive things about themselves or their gender verses the males. When the females did talk positively about themselves, it would be about their appearance, their sense of accomplishment, and emotional resilience. 56 percent of the references to sexual body party came from females, where as 44 percent came from males. Females were the ones to say more profanity during the show by saying a cuss word every 4 minutes and 22 seconds. Over all in the reality television shows, females were more sexual and degrading, where as men were said to be complimentary.

A big gender stereotype in Jersey Shore would be how the females were the sloppy ones compared to the men in drinking and sexual things with others. The men in the show were showed a little more understanding than the females.

One thing in reality television shows the twelve and seventeen year old's need to realize is that the people in the shows are acting. The ones in charge of the show take the right of your personal life and have the right to show you however they like. They can cut things out or word it differently before everyone see's in on television. Just because it is called reality television, does not mean it is all real.

In 16 and pregnant and Teen Mom 2, the females are showing some things that are going on in their life and are talking about it openly on that show. The way they are showed could be taken as it would not be so hard to have a child while being a teen. In reality, it is way harder than they can imagine. More teenagers are getting pregnant now since those shows have been on television.

A racial stereotypes in reality television would be Buckwild: they are from West Virginia and portray themselves as the typical wild west with the mud racing, squirrel hunting, rope swinging, and drinking cat fights with sexual hookups. They made it seem like all young teens from the west like to do all this and are this carefree, when in reality they may like to do this kind of stuff but do not make it their life on reality television. The Mayer from their town was not happy about the show and wanted it taken off of MTV.

Another racial stereotype in reality television would also be how they have to look. The females usually look perfect with a big chest and butt, but have a skinny waste while the men would have tight abs and would be buff. In reality, females and males all look different which makes us, us.

The teenagers who watch these shows need to realize that it is just a television show and these people do these things because they are being paid to do so.

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