The 1800's Light Bulb

By: Ashley T.

My invention is the light bulb which was first invented in California by Thomas Edison in the late 1800's. This light bulb is called the Nostalgic T14.


The purpose of this light bulb is to give off light without lighting candles. This ivention can light up your house and uses electricity to make it light up.

Positive and negatives

There are some positives and negatives about the 1800's light bulb. Below are some of the imformation I researched.

Positive: Some postitives are the light bulb is great for small areas to light up. Also, it was cheap to produce and non-toxic.

Negative: It would be more expensive to light up a large room because one light bulb can't light the whole room. It would take many light bulbs to light up just one big room.

How it Works

The light bulb works by using a circuit in the middle of the bulb. This can which make the bulb light up.

Today's Version

The modern day light bulb isn't much different than the light bulb in the 1800's. All that's different is, the light bulb today is much more rounded and the bulb lasts longer. The bulb in the 1800's could last up till a month compared to our bulb today which can last up to 10 month's.

Essential Question

The light bulb had an impact between the northern and southern states because it would generate electrical services, cables, and power plants all over the United States.