Best spots to build a ferry landing is worst for environment

Citation: Salinero, Mike. "Best Sites for MacDill Ferry Landing Are Worst for Environment." N.p., 30 Mar. 2015. Web. 01 Apr. 2015.


This article by Mike Salinero describes how in Tampa, the best sites to build a new ferry terminal conflict with sea grasses and heavy Manatee activity.  The spots that would not run into these conflicts are plots of land held by three companies: TECO, Mosaic and Port Tampa Bay.  However, these companies are not interested in a land trade or even selling that land.  Currently, people believe the spot to build the terminal should be on the publicly owned Schultz preserve.  However, Audubon of Florida came in and opposed building on this site, hiring an outside company to analyze 17 potential spots to build the ferry spots that included the Schultz perserve.  The company concluded that that preserve is the best spot to build on, but the VP of Audubon stated "that report ignores $2.5 million in grants from the state and from the Southwest Florida Water Management District that were used to restore the preserve to native habitat" (Salinero)."

As you can see, there are many conflicts of interest here.

Ethical issue:

Building on current proposed spots will endanger sea grasses and manatees.  Up to now, 13 watercraft-related manatee deaths in a nearby river channel have occured already, which is near one of the areas the study included.  However, building on the preserve will also be unethical because it is ignoring state efforts of 2.5 million dollars to restore the Schultz preserve.

My position:

For me, I believe the ferry builders should hold out until they find a spot other than the Schultz preserve and doesn't endanger manatee activity and native sea grasses.  The reasons for this is the state granted 2.5 million dollars to preserve that preserve and if the ferry terminal was built there, human activity will most likely reverse the efforts of the state.  Native animals and species should also be protected, especially because there are already statistics on manatee deaths due to watercrafts.  Obviously, no other better spots are open as of now because the better spots are held by the three companies and they refuse to sell them.


Do you think the ferrybuilders should build on the Schultz preserve or wait for a better spot?