Industrial Revolution Word Description       Gabe Wright       Hour 5

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A word that best sums up the Industrial Revolution is ‘ingenuity.’ The definition of ‘ingenuity’ in the dictionary is, “the quality of being clever, original, and inventive”, which is a definition that can describe and sum up the Industrial Revolution. Whether it be the ingenuity and creativity of a single person, or it be a widely created idea achieved by many people’s hard individual work, ingenuity was a very popular trait among many Americans during the Industrial Revolution. According to ‘’ in their article The Two Countries That Invented The Industrial Revolution many innovations were made that revolutionized the society at the time of the Industrial Revolution, as implied by this quote: “Americans solved issues of speed and mass production. (...) and built all the machinery to produce the weapons (...) invented a copying machine for turning the stocks of rifles, using a model to key the machine.” As shown by the quote, the Industrial revolution was a great time for ideas, creativity, and inventions, all which tie back to the centerpiece: Ingenuity. Speed had been a big issue in producing the demanded and needed materials and items for trading with other countries and for America itself. This was solved, as explained, and therefore opened up a world of opportunities for Americans, and other countries as well. Mass production became easier, and better, and in turn had a huge affect on the time, and an effect that has lasted till this very day. This is further supported by ‘’, when they mention in their article 19th Century Industry this: “A proliferation of inventions changed the ways that men and women worked in the nineteenth century. These inventions made it possible for Americans to acquire everyday goods from other parts of the world, to travel hundreds of miles in a matter of days or hours, and to transmit information from one place to another in mere minutes. In this workshop, participants will explore materials related to innovations such as railroads, steel plows, telegraphs, and sewing machines.” Inventivity was very common during the Industrial Revolution, and that inventivity caused America to produce, or at least lead the trail to, perhaps, some of the most used and popular inventions of the last few centuries, such as railroads and sewing machines. It also led to various improvements of trade with other countries, and accessibility to information transporting, and the transportation of everyday goods. As seen today, the Industrial Revolution was an ingenious time for Americans, brewed with creativity, ideas, and visions of and for a more productive and better life, that affected our land for years to come, and is still doing so. This is why ‘ingenuity’ is a great word to describe this ingenious time in American history.

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