Cleopatra VII
Regina Navarro


            I chose Cleopatra VII for my biography report. One of my reasons for choosing Cleopatra is I would like to learn about her. Another reason is I want to know what life was like when she was born. My final reason is I had never heard of Cleopatra VII.

          Cleopatra’s childhood began when she was born in 69 B.C. in Alexandria, Egypt. Cleopatra did not attend school the way we do right now. She was taught by the most famous available teachers, priests, and philosophers. She had to share the throne with her 12 yr. old brother. Her brother forced her out of Egypt, when she was 20 years old.

          Cleopatra had a royal dynasty. Cleopatra was 18 years old when she was the queen. She met Julius Cesar and had a son named Caesarion. Cleopatra was a business woman and a great leader too. For example, she had gathered an army in Syria to fight her brother.

          Cleopatra had education from teachers, priests, and philosophers. Cleopatra was probably homeschooled. Since Cleopatra was homeschooled, she learned lots of stuff. She became 15 and became a queen


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