End of Year ProjectAlexis Porras 6th5/19/15

Why the World Needs Good People

The world is a big place full of both good and bad people, they keep society at equilibrium. The world needs good people because they make the world function and they help make sure there are minimal bad people.

If you haven't noticed yet, good people are citizens who are doing something that benefits everyone. Doctors are good people with kind hearts, they help us when we are sick and keep us healthy. The president is also a good person who helps protect the people from threats, he also manages our prisons keeping bad people locked away.

Good people help balance out how many bad people there are in the world because they do jobs that are necessary to make the world run. Mothers that raise children to grow up respectful rather than disrespectful helps create good people. These good people grow up to be physiatrists and therapists that help the bad people in the world try to become good. Without the good people crime rates would be through the roof and poverty would be at an all time high leading more and more people to steal and kill.

Now, some people may try to argue about the world needing good people because there is no true good person. In life no one is perfect, everyone makes mistakes and just because the light has not been shinned on the bad doesn't mean  no evil is present. The fact of the matter is that you don't have to be a perfect person to be considered "good". The difference between a good person making a mistake rather than a bad person is that a good person will learn from their mistake. They will try there best to make things right so that they can move on a do better next time. Where as a bad person has no morals and will continue to do wrong. They have no boundary between what is good and bad, this makes it dangerous to have to many bad people in the world.  

Therefore, in my opinion good people are needed because without them life would fall apart as we know it. Good people carry out their daily tasks to bring success to the world and help eliminate evil by carrying out these tasks. Society needs to grow up knowing that the balance of life is very delicate and every decision they make has consequences. They need to know that being good pays off more than being bad because the world is in desperate need of more good people to run it correctly.

Letter of Recommendation

To whom it may concern;I've known Lesly for about a year, I met her at El Dorado 9th Grade Academy where we share three classes together.I'm qualified to recommend Lesly Galarza because I have spent a large amount of time getting to know the wonderful person she is.

Lesly is a very intelligent young woman with a kind heart, she puts others feelings before her own because she is compassionate towards others. Her main goal in life is to become a success and she will not dwell on defeat. She has incredible people skills and is a very hard worker. Listening and following orders is also another main asset that she can add to your company making it a much better work environment. I'm providing this reference letter to ensure you that Lesly is an excellent choice for the position of her choice.

Ms. Galarza is very interested in criminal justice, it is for this reason that forensic science would be a great career choice for her. Lesly is a very good person to work with because she has great collaboration skills that allow her to work as a team.

As I have mentioned, she has many qualifications that could assist your company in flourishing into something much greater. I highly recommend Lesly as a potential employer because she is an excellent candidate. She will meet all of your qualifications and many more that will be hard to find in an employee. In conclusion, I hope you look over her job application, you will not be disappointed with her work.


Alexis Porras


Alexis Porras


2533 CandyLand Lane


Objective: My goal is to become a successful homicide detective to help my community.


Sgt.Roberto Ituarte Elementary(2004-2010)

Spc. Rafael Hernando III Middle(2010-2014)

El Dorado High School(2014-2018)


-A, B Honer role




4/5/14-4/5/15 Baby sitting

Watch and take care of younger children while parent was away.

5/9/14-5/9/14 Mowed Lawns

Cut and trim peoples lawns.


-Good listener





-Well focused


-Good people skills

Cover Letter

Porras, Alexis, Karleen

2533 CandyLand Lane

El Paso Tx, 79938

May 18, 2015

Vincent Cornell Thomas

Educator (9-12 grades)

2506 Doug Ford Dr.

El Paso Tx 79935

Dear Vincent Cornell Thomas

My name is Alexis Porras, I am a hard working student looking to create a brighter future for myself. I saw that you were offering a position as a homicide detective and almost jumped out of my skin. I'm qualified for this position since I contain since I contain many assets that would help your company grow. I am a fast learner, excellent listener, great with people, respectful, and reliable.

As I mentioned, I was very interested in your homicide detective position. I am a great person to work with; a team player. Currently I have had a job positions as a babysitter and a garden worker. Although, I am still in school, so I'm looking for a part time job to have a steady flow of income to pay for school.

I want to thank you now for taking the time to read my qualifications. I can add many great things to your company, I hope you consider me as a possible employer.

Best Regards,

Alexis Porras