Seiko Arctura Kinetic Perpetual Calendar Watches

Lets call the Seiko Arctura Kinetic Perpetual Calender watches clear competitors to fancy pieces with bigger names and price tags for lesser substantiality. You can wear it anywhere you want to go; its built strong to hold on against any adversity.

The Seiko Arctura Kinetic Perpetual chronograph embraces the classic beauty of a mechanical perpetual calendar that is set to run by itself till 28th Feb, 2100. Its basic mechanism remaining the same Kinetic wearn wind concept, the Arctura sets an example in bringing classical thoughts and modern theories together. The sleek, streamlined design speaks for the concept of Arctura.

The Seiko Arctura Kinetic Perpetual triumphed rightaway at the 2006 Baselworld exhibition. The new caliber, 7D46, combined ecological safeties with functional advantages. It resulted in a forever running watch with a stopwatch that measures 45 minutes (in 1/5th of a second increments) and a convenient, perpetual calendar. This new caliber refined the ealier 2005-version and displayed time in both 12- and 24-hour formats.

The Seiko kinetic perpetual calendar watch is directly linked to the auto-relay function of the caliber, which means, the physical movements of the date-keeping system shall stop in case of a 24-hours long inactivity. The power-save mode will keep counting things inside for 4 years, when fully charged. Awaken, the hands shall reset automatically to the current time and date.The 7D caliber (there are three versions; 46, 48, 56) also counts the leap year cycles; theres a round sub-dial that shows it.

The Seiko Arctura Kinetic Watches movements are a bright example of how microelectronics fuse with classical concepts. There are a total of 232 parts (as many as in the higher-end, mechanical chronograph watches), a 101-component mechanical gear train and the world’s smallest, ultra-sonic motor (0.4 mm thick) to power the gear train. Governed by a photo sensor that detects special marks on each gear before setting the correct day, date, month and year, the Seiko Arctura Perpetual Calender is a piece of technological marvel to own. Also for its sweeping hands, something very rare in the quartz /electronic domain. Thats another step closer to mechanical but without losing the quartz flavor in accuracy.

All that proves Seiko was thinking pretty forward when they unleashed the Arctura line. Underneath its bright and polished look is a beast that can endure brutal forces and impacts. That shows the chrono- function is not just a flight of fancy but intended for real use, in the real field and under real, tough situations.

That makes it an absolute choice for the active; however, unless you are absolutely sedentary, you wont quibble with the Seiko Arctura actual functionality. Rest will be sold on the visually attractive (you may call it provocative) dial and the rest on its, unique, timeless/futuristic look!