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These photos are from my Instagram account. Speaking of Instagram, Brittany Kuehnert gave me a really good idea class photos:


If you are using Blogger or are interested in using it to communicate with parents, here are a few more cool tools you can try out besides the Instagram Badge:

Chatterpix Kids

Chatterpix has been used quite a bit lately by your colleagues at Wayne Center and Rome City. It provides a great resource for teachers to quickly assess students. These 30-second videos provide a fun, creative outlet for learning.

eLearning Tools

These tools aren't necessarily specific to eLearning. They can be used for all your class needs. They are labeled for eLearning for the purpose of making your eLearning experience more efficient.

On my eLearning survey, many of you indicated that you didn't know how to upload directly from Snagit to Google Drive or how to use the scrolling feature in Snagit to capture an entire page. The resource below has all of that information. These resources might be valuable to 5th and 6th grade students that are using Snagit as well.

Random Resources on Edgaged

Laptop Tools to Try

iPad Tools to Try

Something to Think About:
Apps Don't Have to be Isolated