Career Research Project

Jessica Miller , Nursing

Necessary Job Skills ; Very good people skills, ability to answer questions and offer advice, being able to deal with emotionally charged situations.

Education Requirements ; Diploma to a bachelors degree. Diplomas you can get at a hospital but only last about 3 years. Associates you can get at a community college and take 2-3 years to earn. Bachelors takes about 4 years to earn.

I have chosen to just go to Black Hawk because they have a really good nursing plan and it's local. So I can go there to get my associates and work while still going to school to get my bachelors degree on an online college. Then if I talk to the hospital they will help pay for my schooling if I agree to work with them for a certain amount of time after I graduate.

My Great Grandpa Vanderheyden always says "She who shoots for nothing is what she gets". I first heard this when I was about 13 in 7th grade when I had a downfall with my family. And I started struggling with school a lot after being a straight A student. When my  Grandpa said these words to me it made me realize that I can't just give up because I'm going through a rough time, I have to keep trying and work my hardest. I see these words helping me for a long time because I know they'll help my dreams come true if I keep shooting for the goals I want in life.

My Aunt Dawn is my role model. I look up to her for many reasons, she is very successful, has a perfect marriage, and has two adorable little girls who look up to me. Dawn has always been a successful woman in high school, college, and work. I look up to her for her marriage because its the strongest and most healthy relationship I have been around growing up. And she has a wonderful, happy family. Her and her husband just built their own home. I just wish to be successful and happy like her in my future.

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