12 Favorite Things- Nicole (Part 1)

Which is your best photo? My favorite photo would be of Sophia beside my grandfathers grave holding my Uncle's flag and plaque for being in the army.

When was it taken? It was taken on Memorial Day

Why is it your best photo? I love it because it incorporates my love for my family be it that they are new or gone..

What did you enjoy about do this project? I loved having to think of the different things I love/that are my favorite and bring them to life with my camera.


Girl holding arm up on beach- (My cousin on our vacation to Florida) This is one of my favorite things because I love being on the beach


Older man/Woman- (Those are my grandparents- grandfather has passed on) The reason these two people are my favorite is because they are/were my rock, they let me know that even though times get tough they will always be behind me and love me.


Huskies- (My cousins dogs) My favorite type of dog are huskies!


Windmill- My favorite about fall is harvest time!

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