Part I:
A Few Things I wanted to take home with me...


  • 3Doodler EDU Bundle 2.0 (I want at least one for each of our 5 sites!!):  We currently have the first version in our school and love it even with its flaws! After personally handling the 2.0, 3Doodler has it right!  I can't wait to get creating with this fun 3D pen! Neon colors are a must!

Rig Ama Jig

  • Rig Ama Jig:  I can't even start to explain its coolness!  After seeing these big guys in action, it's hard to imagine a Maker Space without a Rig Ama Jig! I especially love their catchy motto: "Good Toys Make Good People!"  Hello!!! That's what I have been saying!!

Circuit Scribe

  • Circuit Scribe: A newly funded project from KickStarter, Circuit Scribe is destined to be a new favorite at CPS!  Regardless of your level of "makerness", there is a Circuit Scribe kit for all levels!  YAY!!!
  • IOGrapher: This one really makes me excited!! Especially since I always grab my phone or iPad over a camera to make movies or snap pics! To be honest, I do not own any memory collecting devices but my phone and tablets.  This setup definitely gives a mobile recording studio some serious steroids.   

YOXO edu

  • YOXO Don't throw your old toilet paper rolls out yet!  Save them and let your kiddos build with this genius new concept!  YOXO comes complete with connectors and lesson downloads!  I can't wait to see libraries with mazes and ladders!


  • Ardusat Okay.. so.. this one will take some time messing around with, but I am a learner first and a teacher second... BRING IT ON!!  I was hooked by all of the possibilities our students could make with these space kits! Oh and their website said... "STEM STARTS HERE!"  Must be a good start ;)

Blink Blink

  • #SXSWEDU ignited a new passion in my life this March: Girls and STEM!  I am a firm believer that if I was allowed to create more in the classroom when I was in school , my visits to the "Dunce Corner" would not have been so frequent.  One of the new girly and trendy tools to help light that spark is my personal favorite BLINK BLINK! However, I was bummed to find out that there are no more kits available till this summer :(

Part II:
A Few New Sites and Resources!

3D Printing!!

  • MakerBot Replicator Desktop I have my eye on this one!! I have been somewhat of a 3D printer snob.  I had to make up my mind to not dig in until I could find a printer that teachers and students can use easily.  I spent several minutes with a rep from Maker Bot and I am pretty confident that this is one step closer to a multi-teacher buy in... One could wish!


  • MinecraftEDU As an ex-Minecraft addict, I am ashamed that I went to this conference and did not know about all of the features of MinecraftEDU.  I hands down love this game and I can see its uses cross curricular and throughout multiple grades!  EDU also includes multiple pre-made lessons for teachers not familiar with the game or its uses in the classroom.  After visiting the Microsoft lounge and with others who share my love of the game, Im definitely jumping back on the Minecraft bandwagon!

Maker Spaces Make Me Excited!!

  • Maker Spaces: In my mad dash to pick through hundreds of fabulous presentations, I decided to make my prime focus Maker Spaces!! I freaking hit the jack pot with the session, Makerspaces & STEAM Labs: Creation and Programming, with Leah Mann and Colleen Graves! I can't wait to start our journey of student creators, and this is a great model to learn from!



Part of my new infatuation with Maker Spaces, especially after attending #SXSWEDU, is my firm belief of the growing need for our students to be introduced and taught more STEAM/STEM related subjects.  School is more than tests, people!!  Researching the current data can be frightening and the need for job skills relating to STEAM/STEM courses is rapidly increasing! YIKES!! With that said, I am forever grateful for the new resources and contacts I made at #SXSWEDU and I am hopeful that I can bring back these ideas and implement them in my school!

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2 years ago

I want a Rigamajig too! I've got Circuit Scribe kits for my Circuit Girls and they are really cool kits. Works with graphite too! (Girls haven't played with them yet because they are still working through Chibitronic Circuit Sketchbooks.)

2 years ago

P.s. Thanks for the shout out! 😊

2 years ago

@gravescolleen Thanks for all of your valuable info at SXSW! You were definitely the best part of the conference for me!!

2 years ago

That's so great to hear! They are actually posting all of the sessions on Soundcloud. https://soundcloud.com/sxswedu Our Core Convo isn't up yet, but I will tweet when it is!

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