What is it?

A person who is abnormally anxious about their health.

They usually think they are sick all the time.


"Hypochondriacs enjoy being sick"

The Actual Truth:

People with this disorder are extremely anxious, they do not understand or believe that they are not sick, even when the doctor reassures them.  This people usually live very stressful life's, far from enjoyable.

What do experts say?

Hypochondriasis has been included in the Somatoform Disorders category. What  are Somatoform disorders? This disorders are mental illness that cause bodily symptoms that include physical pain.

Some experts argue that Hypochondriacs should be diagnosed with Anxiety Disorders instead.


  • People who feel sick all the time, and cant stop talking about their symptoms
  • People who seek answers online or encyclopedias in order to find an illness that shares their symptoms
  • People who go to several different doctors in order to get diagnosed with something   

How to treat it:

Cognitive Therapy has been used to help patients with Hypochodriasis.

Educating Hypochondriacs is another key way to treat it. By showing them what real symptoms of real illnesses look like.

Medication, like anti-depressants, have also been used to treat Hypochondriasis.

Support for Hypochondriacs:

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