Musk oxen

Musk ox's main adaptation is there thick fur. There thick fur helps them stay warm in the winter.


Some characteristics for the musk oxen are they have rounded horns so they can defend them selfs. Musk oxen can grow to be in between 6 to 7.5 feet tall. They are about 500 to 900 pounds.  

What ecosystem do Musk Oxen live in?

Musk Oxen live in the frozen tundra. The frozen tundra does not have any trees or plants in the winter. All you see for miles long are ice, snow and snow and ice mountains. The temperature in the frozen tundra is -30 below 0 and it can dip down to -70 below 0. The frozen tundra is located in Canada.

The plants that live with Musk Oxen and that musk oxen eat. The musk oxen eat lichen, moss, roots, crow berries and dwarf shrubs.

Animals that Musk Oxen live with

A few animals that live with Musk Oxen are Polar Bears, Caribou, Arctic Fox, Snowy Owl and a Rock Ptarmigan.

A Rapid Process that would happen would be a ..........

The Rapid Process that would happen in the Frozen Tundra would be a blizzard. A blizzard would occur because large winds would start and it will brush up all of the snow and blow it miles away. This video is the blizzard of 1888. Some things that will move adapt and die in a blizzard are .......... A polar bear and a snow   move, the arctic fox will adapt and caribou and the rock ptarmigan would die.

Fun facts for musk oxen

Musk oxen and caribou were the only hooved animals to survive the Pleistocene Era more than 10,000 years ago. The muskox is one of the most powerful land animals in the world, which they show each year when the males get back their position in the herd. Leaping off the ground, they charge toward each other at full force and clash heads together. For the blow to not hurt and pervent brain damage, they have an air pocket between their brain and skull. One regular sized male or bull can result in 135 kg of meat. When being attacked Musk Oxen form a circle with the adults in the outside and the cubs on the inside. When they get scared they run away.

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